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Here are some of the programs/applications I made. The majority is quite old and not supported anymore, but I know some people are still using them, so made them available here. My active public projects can also be found on Catswithfunnyhats.com

HabitGoal (2019-2023)
iOS and Android App for setting daily goals and self help in a visual and simplified way.

Executor (2007-2023)
A windows launcher and run replacement, to rid me of spending too much time in windows start-menu, desktop and windows run.

Grimulf (2017-2023)
Machine learning (deep learning neural networks) project analyzing bookmaker odds vs results (football) using accord.net, C#, Html5 and JavaScript as a Web App (private project).

Thinkandbet.com (2016-2023)
Responsive website as a checklist for betting on football.

Styrbjørn (2013-2015)
Automated betting bot using betfair Api in C# (private project).

Chaos Manager (2006)
This is a "little" simple program I made to manage my mess. It has the following features: Appointment Manager, Phone/address book, Notebook, Calendar, Standby mode, Password protection, data encryption and more. Check out it's homepage for more info. Also available is a synchronizable Pocket PC version.

Pernille Screensaver (2007)
An OpenGL 3D screensaver dedicated to my super girlfriend Pernille. Random pop-up text in the screensaver can be customized. This was based on my Rebels PC 3D demo.

TaskbarHide (2009)
It always bugged me that when setting "autohide" in windows taskbar it would still leave a line of the taskbar when "hiding". This program fixes that so when taskbar is set to autohide, it will fully hide.

Sound Convert & Copy (2009)
My main purpose of this program is to have a program that can fill up my cell phones 1GB memory with random, or selected music from my music collection. This is so I don't have to listen to the same music all the time. At the same time the program can convert a lot of formats to .mp3, and also on the fly lower the quality of my very high quality mp3's (so there is room for more songs on the cell phone). It can also keep copying until a certain amount of space is left on the target destination or until a specific amount of megabyte has been copied.

Rebels PC - 3D Demo "Grisen" (2005)
I got interested in programming OpenGL (3D graphics) and made this Amiga like "demo" as a little project while learning. Back in the Amiga days (1987-1993) I was a part of the demo group Rebels (Denmark), and was SysOp for a BBS named "Rebels' Hideout". Probably only old Rebels (DK) will understand the demo..

ManagerSim (formally known as SoccerSim) (1997-2003)
Together with my very good friend Peter Strand we made this MMOPG football manager game from scratch. It is probably still the most in-depth and "true to the game" online football manager game. Unfortunately it got kind of crushed by business people not pure at heart. Fans of the game have a branched version of it running here

CMCrypt (2011)
A small encrypt/decrypt program I made. Mainly for own use, so no support what so ever.. use at own risk etc!. Now version 1.1 updated on request 29-Jul-2011.

Cowrace 3 (2000)
A Windows game (and Cowrace 1 & 2 for Dos). I made together with my good friend Kim L. (and with help from other friends as well).

Rebels PC "Alive" intro (1993)
I found this intro on the web, which was my first Rebels PC intro, and coded back in 1993. It was made in DOS and a bit tricky running on Windows.