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An OpenGL 3D screensaver dedicated to my super girlfriend Pernille.

  • Random text which can be customized.
  • 3D like space environment.
  • Lots of random effects. Each can be enabled/disabled.
  • Settings such as screen resolution, computer speed etc.
  • Limited dual screen support (requires good graphics card).
  • Yes the girly effects (hearts, flowers etc.) can be disabled :-)
  • Requires an ok 3D capable graphics card, and fairly new graphics card drivers.
  • This screensaver was build with Delphi and GLScene www.glscene.org.

Download Pernille Screensaver v1.35


23-apr-06 - v1.34 released. Fixed a small visual bug that could sometimes occur when "Phenomena" was max zoomed.

23-nov-05 - v1.33 released. Added the option to set "Antialiasing" in settings. "Phenomena" is now on by default.

09-oct-05 - v1.32 released. Added a new effect called "phenomena" it must be enabled in setup (requires an ok graphics card). Added the option to show time instead of random text (pressing 'c' will also turn clock on/off).

18-sep-05 - v1.31 released. Added a new effect called spotlights. Improved "small hearts" (they now spin). Better detection of old graphics cards.