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My main purpose of this program is to have a program that can fill up my cell phones 1GB memory with random, or selected music from my music collection. This is so I don't have to listen to the same music all the time. At the same time the program can convert a lot of formats to .mp3, and also on the fly lower the quality of my very high quality mp3's (so there is room for more songs on the cell phone). It can also keep copying until a certain amount of space is left on the target destination or until a specific amount of megabyte has been copied.

  • Option to copy until destination drive has a predefined amount of space left.
  • Option to copy until a predefined amount of megabyte have been copied.
  • Option for program to randomly select which files should be copied (among the selected files or folders).
  • When a file is copied it can at the same time be converted to mp3, aac, m4a or wav.
  • The program does NOT ship with a aac or m4a encoder. It needs a third party encoder for these formats.
  • Option to lower the quality of mp3 on the fly, to a predefined setting (only if source mp3 is higher quality).
  • Following formats can be re-encoded on the fly to mp3: .mp3 .wma .wav .ogg .ape .aac .mp4 .m4a
  • Preserve id tags when converting. Tags can be read from many formats and put into mp3 or m4a.
  • Option to either select a number of files or a folder (with optional subfolders).
  • Sound Convert & Copy use Lame mp3 encoder for .mp3 conversion, and Bass audio library for decoding.

Download Sound Convert & Copy v0.87

old screenshot

13-feb-06 - v0.87 released. Can convert to aac or m4a if a third-party encoder is available (this is NOT shipped with Sound Convert & Copy). Can also tag m4a (if third-party encoder is available).

09-jan-06 - v0.85 released. New option to try and preserve tags (for all input formats) when converting to mp3. Fixed a memory leak. Improved error checking.

22-dec-05 - v0.8 released. Improved sound quality of mp3 conversion. Cosmetic fixes. Added optional start and length conversion (can be used for making preview sample(s) etc).

18-dec-05 - v0.7 released. Improved speed of mp3 to mp3 (quality) conversion. Fixed "select files dialog" did not have all format extensions. You can now select mode (auto, mono, stereo, joint) for mp3 conversion.

11-dec-05 - v0.6 released.