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What is this?

You know when you set autohide in the taskbar, window's taskbar will "hide" itself and when you move your mouse to where the taskbar is hiding it will reappear.
"Hide" is not exactly all true, you will still see a single line of the taskbar when it's "hiding". This is where this program come in, it will totally hide the taskbar instead of leaving the single line.

Why all the fuss about that single line?

Well it annoys me that my wallpaper(s) look silly with that ugly single line at the bottom (or where ever the taskbar is located). It looks way better when the taskbar is totally hidden. And considering the time I spend looking at my desktop I thought why not make a little program to fix it. (As I know no other way of removing it, mail me if you do).

note: In version 1.1b (or higher) you now have the option to remove the system tray icon.

news: (09-nov-02): Version 1.2b is now available, improvements made for WinXP.

news: (06-jan-08): Version 1.3 is now available, also work with Vista now. Added setting to add to windows startup. Added an installer.

Download TaskbarHide v1.3 for Win98/NT4/XP/VISTA/Win7
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