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What is this?

As a computer is supposed to be a helpful tool I always wanted to organize some of my mess on the computer. I couldn't really find an organizer that I liked, the ones I tried was either too confusing with too many buttons/options or had an annoying layout etc. So I decided to make my own little simple and compact organizer which features an appointment/to-do manager (appointments will pop-up), a calendar, a phone/address-book (contacts), a notebook which supports multiple topic, sync via internet, email forwarding of appointments, print/import/export and much more. All is password protected and encrypted (optional). You can also customize your own skin and background for the application so it won't be too dull to look at (ships with a number of skins).

Chaos Manager key features.

  • Appointment manager, a reminder pops-up and plays a random wav-file when an appointment has reached it's deadline or reminder setting (optional).
  • Contacts (address book/phone book and more).
  • Notebook that supports multiple topics.
  • Notebook supports text formatting (rich text format) and URL detection (links will be highlighted and clickable).
  • Calendar (for appointments & birthdays etc).
  • National holidays and observances can be downloaded (or created) for the calendar.
  • When moving mouse over a calendar date you will get a quick summary of the events of that specific date.
  • Find... search appointments, notebook and contacts (all fields).
  • Optional password protection.
  • Data encryption so no one can peak into the data files.
  • Simple look and feel and easy to use.
  • Optional recurring appointments.
  • A reminder can be configured to pop-up before an appointment has reached it's deadline.
  • Snooze option when reminder pops-up.
  • Optional email forwarding of appointments.
  • Customize program layout (background, font, resizable etc).
  • Skinable, supports alphablending and more (CM ships with 22 skins).
  • Each appointment and contact can have an optional symbolic icon.
  • Contacts can be sorted by groups. You can add your own groups.
  • The contact list can be filtered by groups.
  • Contact field names are customizable.
  • Import/export from/to the Pocket PC version of Chaos Manager.
  • Import/export/print option (can for example import from outlook).
  • Import/export is based on .csv (appointments and contacts).
  • Synchronize via internet option (example: synchronize your CM at work and at home).
  • Optional minimize to system-tray.
  • No limits on number of appointments, contacts, notes, text field size etc.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Chaos Manager can operate from removable media, like for example an usb-drive (all Chaos Manager needs is in it's folder).
  • Much more.
  • Chaos Manager is always open for suggestions and ideas of new features and is an ongoing project that will keep adding new content and features.
Features in more detail:

Appointments -

These will pop-up with a sound when an appointment has reached/passed it's deadline (date and time) or reminder setting. The played sound is a random .wav file from the folder named "sounds" where Chaos Manager is located. Each appointment has a number of options.

Notebook -

Just a notebook to type in stuff. It supports multiple topic, to allow the notebook to be more organized. I myself use it as a sort of mind map (with topics like logins, ideas, settings, project notes, registration info, "stuff to buy" and "stuff to fix" lists, goals, songs to acquire etc). The notebook supports text formatting (rich text format) and URL detection (links will be highlighted and clickable).

Contacts -

Have lots of fields such as name, phone, email, notes, birthday etc. The program will alert when a birthday is near if desired. Contacts can be sorted by different groups (family, friends, business and other). You can change the field names to match the field names you require.

Calendar -

Where you can get an overview of which days you have appointments, birthdays etc. Green marks appointments and blue marks birthdays. Each day in the calendar is clickable for more info/options.

Password protection -

If you desire you can protect the program with a password.

Data encryption -

All data is encrypted, so you can't peak into the data files.

Setup -

The program has many options to configure for your taste.

Synchronize via internet -

This lets you put or get a copy of CM data on the internet via FTP to synchronize your CM if you have it installed on multiple computers. The data on the internet is of course encrypted.

Skinable -

The program ships with a number of different skins and also has additional options, like for example background picture etc. You can also create your own skins if desired.

Backup -

Chaos Manager makes backup of all the data files every 10th day. The backup is located in a folder named "backup" where Chaos Manager is located.

More -

The program features much more, try it out.