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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Chaos Manager 2.0+
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Chaos Manager 1.X


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If you find any bugs, have suggestions for new features, or other comments feel free to email the author (
Martin Bresson) at the below address.


Before you email any questions please read the FAQ to see if this can answer your question(s).

It will also be helpful to write what version of Windows and Chaos Manager you are using, and even better (if possible) the buildnumber (can be found by pressing the About button in Chaos Manager).

As an alternative you can also try the forum found in the menu to the left.

If you like this program and would like to show your support and appreciation feel free to make a donation and help the further development of Chaos Manager.


Frequently asked questions (CM 2.0+)

Q: I used an old version of Chaos Manager and updated to v2.0, how do I get my old data into v2.0?
A: Shipped along with Chaos Manager 2.0 is an import program that will import v1.73 to v1.80 into Chaos Manager v2.0. The program is located in the folder where you installed Chaos Manager v2.0. The program is named "importoldcm.exe". You should run this and follow the instructions. Normally new versions of Chaos Manager will automatically import old data, but because v2.0 is a totally rebuild program compared to v1.x, it was decided not to include any v1.x code in v2.x at all. Therefore you need to use the external import program.

Q: How do I password protect Chaos Manager?
A: Start up the program and press the setup button, there you will find the option to enable/disable the use of password.

Q: How do I get Chaos Manager to automatically start when Windows start up?
A: Start up the program and press the setup button, there you will find a button to add/remove Chaos Manager to Windows start up.

Q: I'm confused about how the time should be entered.
A: Chaos Manager supports both the 24 hour time format and am/pm time format and will auto detect which time format you enter. Some examples are: 19:10 7:10pm 6.45 6.45am 5am In setup you can toggle which time format should be displayed when Chaos Manager displays time.

Q: How do I add or remove sounds to/from Chaos Manager?
A: To add or remove sounds to Chaos Manager add or remove the .wav files in the folder named "sounds" where Chaos Manager is located. The default sound named cm.wav should not be removed. If you want Chaos Manager to always play the same sound you can enable the "Don't use random sound" option in setup.

Q: How do I import contacts from Outlook Express or Outlook?
A: The following links are tutorials of how to import from
Outlook Express or Outlook

Q: Chaos Manager seems slow?
A: The new skin system requires some cpu power, if this is too much you can disable skin under "Setup/Visuals tab/Disable use of skin". This will speed up the application quite a lot. Also some skins are slower than others.

Q: After disabling skin Chaos Manager still seems slow?
A: Chaos Manager has a feature that saves data often (every time data is modified/added/deleted) instead of just saving the data when Chaos Manager is closed. This is to prevent data from being lost, should the computer be accidently turned off or crash/reboot. You can disable this feature under "Setup/Misc tab/Save data often". This will speed up Chaos Manager. Chaos Manager will then save less aggressively, but still save once in a while (about every 20th minute while still open and data been modified).

Q: When Chaos Manager starts up it seems to stall for a number of seconds..
A: There are two setup options that if enabled access the internet. Both options are disabled by default. The options are "Check for new version" (Setup/misc) and "Check and remind on CM start up if newer sync copy is available" (Setup/sync). These will slow down start up a little, especially the sync option.

Q: How do I add a birthday to the calendar??
A: To add a birthday to the calendar you have to create the person in the contacts section. When adding or editing a contact you can activate and specify the birthday of that person. There you can also specify how many days before the birthday you want a reminder.

Q: I can't remember my password.
A: Passwords in Chaos Manager v2.0+ is case sensitive meaning capitalized letters should be capitalized etc. Passwords are not stored anywhere but is used as part of the encryption key used for encrypting the data. Therefore the author of Chaos Manager cannot help you retrieve your password. Chaos Manager makes a backup every 10th day, so if you changed the password recently you might have luck in retrieving the backup although you will lose recent data.

Q: How do I backup my data? (CM 2.0+)
A: All your data is located in three files named "cmdata0.dat", "cmdata1.dat" and "cmdata2.dat". If you don't use all the features of Chaos Manager some of the files might not exist. Chaos Manager makes a backup of these files every 10th day. These backup files are located in the folder named "backup" where Chaos Manager is located. You could also copy these three files yourself, they are located in the Chaos Manager folder.

Q: How do I restore a backup? (CM 2.0+)
A: To restore a backup you copy the three files mentioned in the above question, to the folder where Chaos Manager is located.

Q: I want to move Chaos Manager to another computer.
A: Install Chaos Manager on the computer you're moving to. Copy the files "cmdata0.dat, cmdata1.dat, cmdata2.dat" from the old Chaos Manager folder to the new Chaos Manager folder (CM must be closed). That's it (those three files contain all the personal data). Note: In some cases cmdata2.dat doesn't exist.
Another way is simply copying/moving the whole Chaos Manager folder from one computer to the other computer.

Q: There are some setup options I don't understand.
A: If you point the mouse at an option for more than two seconds more detailed information will be displayed.

Q: Appointments don't popup anymore!
A: Check "Setup/misc" you might have enabled "Only popup when minimized". Also check in setup that email forwarding isn't enabled.

Q: Background picture isn't shown properly.
A: Only some skins are suitable for background pictures. Best of default skins are: CMchrome, CMblueish, CMmod, Winter2003, Blueglass, Blueice, Desert and Darkglass. Also background picture only has an effect when skins are enabled.

Q: My favorite font doesn't seem to be usable.
A: When using other than the default font, many fonts don't fit Chaos Manager. Best are fonts that have a size of 8 or less and aren't that wide. Experiment for best results.

Q: How can I make my own skins?
A: A 3rd party skin editor will soon be available, until then you can look in the "skins" folder located in the Chaos Manager folder, and get an idea of how the skins are made. Feel free to mail your skins.

Q: Chaos Manager won't start up.
A: Try run Chaos Manager with the parameter -safemode like this "cm2.exe -safemode". This will disable all custom graphics (skin, background, font, size, position) should any of these be faulty.

Q: Some appointments seems to be invisible from the appointment list.
A: Above the appointment list is a button named advanced, this has a lot of viewing options which can hide/show appointments by type/date etc.

Q: Is it possible to have multiple installations of Chaos Manager on the same computer?
A: Yes but Chaos Manager must be installed in a different folder for each user.

Q: Can Chaos Manager run from removable media, like for example a USB flash drive?
A: Yes. Chaos Manager only requires what is in it's own folder, so you can copy the folder anywhere and run it directly from the folder.

Q: I want a very compact Chaos Manager installation.
A: All Chaos Manager really need is the program file itself (cm2.exe) and the data files (cmdata0.dat, cmdata1.dat, cmdata2.dat). Rest can be deleted (like skin and sound folder etc). If you like Chaos Manager to be even smaller (Geek alert) you can compress "cm2.exe" with a exe-compresser like UPX. That will fit CM on a floppy disk (cm2.exe will be like 500k then).

Q: I have Chaos Manager on a removable media and want to include a background picture on the removable media (like for example an USB drive).
A: If no path is defined in the background picture input field in Chaos Manager Setup/Visuals, Chaos manager will use its own folder as relative path. Therefore you should copy the picture to your Chaos Manager folder (where cm2.exe is located) on the removable media. Then enter the picture name in the background picture input field (in Chaos Manager, Setup/Visual), with no backslashes or anything.


Frequently asked questions (CM 1.X+)

Q: I have an old version of CM (v1.73-v1.80) and have some questions.
A: See the F.A.Q. and documentation that ships with the older version. If you still have questions/problems then feel free to send an email (see contact).

Q: I installed Chaos Manager v2.x to my old Chaos Manager v1.x folder and now the Chaos Manager link in my Start/programs button launches v2.x but I want startup v1.x.
A: Go to your Chaos Manager folder and launch "cm.exe" to startup Chaos Manager v1.x and "cm2.exe" if you want to launch v2.x.