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31-jan-10 Chaos Manager v2.26 is released.

  • Added state of the search all notes option is now saved.
  • Added when retrieving syncronized data Chaos Manager will automatically try the password you just entered before retrieving the syncronized data.
  • Updated the urls within Chaos Manager 2 to point to new site.
  • Hopefully McAfee won't brand this version as containing a trojan.
11-jan-10 Attention: As of an update jan 6, 2010, McAfee Anti-virus falsely identifies Chaos Manager (cm2.exe) as containing a Trojan.

29-aug-06 Chaos Manager v2.25 is released.

  • The width of contact columns are now saved.
  • Added a "toggle text strikeout" option to the notebook. It can be accessed from the right click menu (and option button).
  • Added a "Paste (clean)" and a "Copy (clean)" to the nootbook. This will for example paste the text clean without any font/line properties etc. This was added because I find it quite annoying that coping text from for example my browser, also copies the font and line properties to the notebook.
  • Added an option to Setup/misc called "Show date in system tray icon" to have the current date be displayed in the tray icon (only works if minimize to system-tray is enabled).
  • Fixed that after synchronizing the password dialog could look odd (if CM lost focus).
26-mar-06 Chaos Manager v2.24 is released.

  • Added a snooze option to the reminder dialog, for fast re-scheduling.
  • When opening an appointment and the appointment is snoozed, then there will be an option to remove snooze, and a note when the snooze date and time is due.
  • Added the support for having national holidays and observances marked in the calendar. All holidays will be underlined, and if the holiday is a true holiday (not a work day) it will be red like weekend.
  • The quick summary (mouse over) in the calendar will display the name(s) of the holiday, and also have a special star icon symbolizing it's a holiday.
  • To have holidays in Chaos Manager you will have to place a file called "holidays.txt" in your Chaos Manager folder. Check the download section to see if your country is included in the pre-made holiday files. If not, you can make your own, it's pretty simple (also see download section).
  • Fixed a bug where under rare conditions appointments with long reminder settings would not pop-up.
  • Removed the "View" button from Appointments and Contacts as it had the exact same effect as "Edit".
  • Added a "Find" button to Appointments, Contacts and Notebook.
  • Added a new option to "sort appointment list reversed". This can be found by pressing the "Advanced" button in the appointments screen.
  • Fixed so URLS (links) are now highlighted and click-able in the notebook when Chaos Manager is not skinned.
  • Full appointment import/export will include snooze data.
  • Fiddled with shorter timeout for ftp and checking for new version CM.
  • Extended the maximum visible length of the notebook topic dropdown list.
  • Fixed a bug where renaming contact field "Name" or "Phone" could display an error in version 2.23
  • Modified data structure so data file will be smaller (especially if you have many appointments).
  • Improved Import of contacts (simple) so it is more compatible with different outlook versions.
  • Slightly better error messages when there is an error importing contacts or appointments.
  • Readme file now includes links to tutorials of how to import contacts from Outlook Express or Outlook (also found in support section on the website).
  • If you are using the synchronization feature of Chaos Manager then remember to download the latest Chaos Manager everywhere, as for example the new snooze data will be ignored by older versions of Chaos Manager.
  • Users also using Chaos Manager Pocket PC should download the new pocket version also released today (else snooze info will be lost when synchronizing to and from pocket pc).
07-mar-06 Chaos Manager v2.23 is released.

  • A new tab named "PPC" is available in setup. Here you can export and import to and from the newly released beta of Chaos Manager for Pocket PC. If you have a Pocket PC and are interested in Chaos Manager for Pocket PC then click here to go to the website.
  • Fixed a bug where time entered incorrectly could result in an error message.
  • Fixed some minor visual issues in the contact list and advanced menu (contacts) when renaming contact field(s).
  • Fixed some annoyances in the internal calendar.
23-dec-05 Updated v2.22. Some Windows versions prior to Windows XP had trouble displaying the calendar quick summary. So redownload 2.22 if you experience this problem.
18-dec-05 Chaos Manager v2.22 is released.

This is mainly a maintainance release with small corrections. The next release of Chaos Manager will see some nice new (often requested) features, that I'm currently working on.
  • The calendar quick summary (mouseover) now also shows the optional appointment icon and/or contact icon (for birthdays).
  • Fixed the Popup-reminder so it doesn't have focus on last pressed button (making it harder to accidently trigger a button when the reminder pops up).
  • The notebook will now accept tabs.. Before pressing tab would remove focus from the notebook.
  • Fixed some graphic glitches.
  • Some minor corrections regarding sync reminders.
29-oct-05 Ops, the initial release of 2.21 had a nasty bug that could cause an access violation when modifying a date. You should redownload and reinstall 2.21 if you suffer from this problem. Thanks to Tomek for quickly mailing me about this problem.

If you want to verify you have the fixed version of 2.21, press the "About" button. There in the lower-right corner there is a build number. It should read "Build: 29102005a"

The buggy 2.21 was online for an hour or so. Sorry for the inconvenience.
29-oct-05 Chaos Manager v2.21 is released.

  • Added a new quick summary to the calendar. So if you in the calendar run the mouse over a day with appointment(s) and/or birthday(s), a tooltip like window will appear with a listing of these.
  • Also added the option "Calendar quick summary (mouseover)" to enable/disable the above, which can be found in "Setup/Misc".
  • The color of appointments, birthdays and quick summary in the calendar is now customizable. These can be found in "Setup/Visuals".
  • Added a shorter timeout period to FTP connections. The FTP will now timeout after 30 seconds if somehow it can't connect to the server.
  • Added an option to "Setup/Settings" called "Close button will minimize". If enabled (disabled by default) Chaos Manager will minimize instead of close when you press the close button in the upper right corner. If this option is enabled you can still close CM by selecting close from the system-menu/trayicon/taskbar or by ALT+F4 etc.
  • Added a new item called "Rename a field" to the advanced button in Contacts. This will basically explain how to rename a field, as this is already possible, but many don't know and I often get requests for this feature.
15-oct-05 Chaos Manager v2.20 is released.

  • Added a couple of new icons available for appointments and contact groups. Feel free to suggest any icons you think would be nice to include (the icons are very small so it must be something simple and easy to draw).
  • Improved appointment recurring options. So now you can for example set an appointment to recur every 3rd week.
  • Added a reminder time to appointments. This makes it possible to select when the appointment should popup before the appointments actual date and time.
  • Added a "Find..." option to the notebook, this can search a single topic or all topics (shortcut ctrl+f).
  • Fixed a bug regarding the scrollbar in the notebook. Now it will visually update properly when using the thumb wheel or keyboard to scroll.
  • Fixed a bug when exporting appointments, that could occur with some international settings.
  • Active recurring appointments are now shown more than once in the calendar, up to half a year ahead. This can be disabled by enabling a new option in Setup/misc called "Only show next recurring appointment".
  • Note: reminder and recurringcount has been added to full appointment export/import.
21-sep-05 New 2.19 online with ftp fix.

  • Fixed a bug that some users was experiencing problems with ftp sync ("invalid number of arguments" and "Error: 'CWD' command not understood" etc.). For this fix you will have to redownload v2.19.
15-sep-05 Chaos Manager v2.19 is released.

  • This version mainly focus on synchronization improvements. The next version will focus on other features.
  • Added a new option to synchronization called "More sync reminders". This will do more frequent reminding when data has been changed (will remind every time Chaos Manager is closed and data has been changed).
  • The sync reminder dialogs now has an extra button to upload or download at once.
  • Fixed a small bug that under curtain conditions would not show the sync reminder even though data was changed.
03-aug-05 There was a problem with 2.18 displaying an access violation if running Chaos Manager for the first time. This has been fixed now. So if you have this problem you should redownload Chaos Manager.
02-aug-05 Chaos Manager v2.18 is released.

  • Improved loading and saving data. Encryption/decryption now only use memory rather than using disk access. This will also improve speed for those running Chaos Manager from removeable media (like a USB-flashdrive etc.).
  • Notebook topics can now be renamed. This can be found in the notebook option menu (the "O" button).
  • Rescheduling recurring appointments will now reschedule the appointment to the next recurring date that is not overdue. Meaning that it will not show the same recurring appointment many times in a row if it has recurred more than once since last time Chaos Manager was open.
  • Improved the function that will detect if Chaos Manager is within the desktop area, after synchronizing (in case you use more computers and have different resolutions or multi-monitor setup).
  • The notebook option menu (the "O" button) now has an "Insert date and time" option.
24-july-05 Some time ago my old computer was stolen along with the latest source for CM. So I had a little setback (my last backup of the source was about a month old). So I was set back a couple of versions that I had to re-code. All was encrypted on the stolen computer so no source was leaked etc. (It was probably some drug addict formatting and selling it for 100$ anyway). But still kind of pissed me off, and I didn't feel like coding for some time. Next version will be within a week or two.

16-june-05 Chaos Manager v2.17 is released.

  • Fixed a bug that could result in an access violation after synchronizing.
12-june-05 Chaos Manager v2.16 is released.

  • You can now add your own groups to contacts (see "Edit groups" in the advanced button in contacts).
  • Notebook topics are now sorted alphabetical.
  • The "Get info on internet copy" (under "Sync") will now also tell the name of the computer that put up the internet copy.
28-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.15 is released.

  • Fixed scrollbars sometimes acting strange in the notebook.
  • Better support for clickable URL's in the notebook.
  • The properties of the text where the cursor is in the notebook, will now be instantly reflected in the text properties bar.
  • Fixed some places where appointments should wait to pop-up, but didn't.
  • Fixed a bug that under certain conditions, could cause an access violation error message when closing Chaos Manager.
23-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.14 is released.

  • The notebook now supports text formatting (rich text format). Meaning you can change font properties, colors and more on the text in the notebook.
  • All hyperlinks (urls) will be highlighted and clickable in the notebook text. Also for example "mailto:name@domain.com" will be highlighted and clickable in the notebook text.
  • The notebook have some new options like "Print", "Import (open)", and "Export (Save as...)".
  • Added a date and time preset feature to the add/modify appointment window. By clicking the button next to where you enter time, you will get a number of date and time options (most popular will probably be the countdown option, where you can enter how many seconds/minutes/hours/days/months/years till the appointment should pop-up).
  • Chaos Manager will now detect if the current windows setup is using bright text fonts (most use black text fonts), and if so make adjustments so all text is readable.
  • The new version alert now has a clickable link to the news page. So you can view the latest changes before downloading the latest version.
  • Small improvements to the code.
16-may-05 Added a forum to the website. Which can be found by clicking "Forum" in the menu to the left.
16-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.13 is released.

  • Contact field names are now customizable. You can change contact field names to match the field names you require. To change a contact field name, open a contact and right-click the field name you want to change.
  • The contact list can be filtered by groups now (found in the "Advanced" button in contacts).
  • When adding/modifying an appointment you can double-click the time field to have it display the current time.
  • Fixed an issue with some dialogs and the "Stay on top" option.
12-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.12 is released.

  • Added a "Find..." function to appointments and contacts. In appointments "Find..." will search the text in all appointment. In contacts it will search all fields in all contacts (name, email, street, phone, comments etc.).
  • It is now possible to override the "font is too wide" message, and use fonts (size) that might be rated too big for Chaos Manager.
09-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.11 is released.

  • Fixed default window size (it was a bit off).
  • Fixed an annoying issue with "Stay on top" option.
  • Small corrections.
07-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.10 is released.

  • Better positioning of all popup windows and messages.
  • Added a sanity check if CM is displayed within the desktop (CM will move to center of screen if not). This should solve the problem when sync'ing between different desktop resolutions and for example multi-monitor setups.
  • Added an option to sync named "Check and remind on CM startup if newer sync copy is available". This will check each time CM is started if a newer copy of the data is available on the internet FTP server.
  • Right-clicking a calendar date will now display the week number of the date.
  • When trying to open a second instance of CM the already open CM will appear. Where previously the message "Chaos Manager is already running" was displayed.
  • Improved "Stay on top" option (on some systems it had trouble working on startup).
  • Improved startup code.
03-may-05 Chaos Manager v2.09 is released.

  • Added a sync via internet option. This lets you put or get a copy of CM data on the internet via FTP to synchronize your CM if you have it installed on multiple computers. The data on the internet is of course encrypted. See the provided documentation for more info on synchronization. Synchronization can be found in Setup (tab named "Sync").
  • Added a new option called "Allow warnings on windows shutdown". If enabled CM will on windows shutdown/restart remind you if you haven't sync'ed data back (if you used sync option) or there are appointments today. This option is recommended if you are using the sync functions.
  • Fixed some minor drawing issues on the calendar.
  • Minor improvements.
24-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.08 is released.

  • Fixed saving options etc. when Windows shutdown/restart/logout (was mostly a problem if "Save data often" wasn't enabled).
21-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.07 is released.

  • Any problems with window title not being drawn correctly (when skinned) should be fixed now.
  • Now popup dialogs (yes,no,ok etc. dialogs) will inherit backgrounds too.
21-apr-05 Added a skin pack with 11 very nice skins by Paul Roberts (thanks). The skin pack is available in the download section.

19-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.06 is released.

  • Fixed a bug where minimizing CM before the password was entered had CM disappear from the taskbar.
  • Fixed a bug when skinned and "stay on top" and "minimize to system tray", sometimes made the top of Chaos Manager draw incorrectly when restored from minimized state.
  • Corrected an issue with the CMChrome skin.
18-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.05 is released.

  • Corrected birthday message text.
  • Added a note that will be displayed if capslock is pressed in the "Enter password" dialog.
  • Minor corrections.
  • Better none-standard font support.
15-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.04 is released.

  • Added more import/export features for both appointments and contacts.
  • Added a "Transparent when no focus" option. When enabled Chaos Manager will be semi-transparent (alphablend) when it's window doesn't have focus (only with WinXP/Win2000+).
  • Added a "Keep CM window on top" option. When enabled CM will stay on top of all other windows when not minimized. This option is both available in setup and in the (system) popup-menu if you right-click the top of the Chaos Manager window (for faster access to enable/disable).
  • Fixed a centering issue with multi-monitor setup.
  • Modified appointment sorting.
  • Minor layout improvements.
11-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.03 is released.

  • Fixed a bug where under curtain conditions dates could reset to current date.
  • Added download dialog to "check for new version".
  • Improved appointment sorting.
10-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.02 is released.

  • Improved calendar when not skinned.
  • When selecting a date for appointments and birthdays you only have to single-click now instead of double-click.
  • Changed the way Chaos Manager autostarts (windows startup option). If you had any problem with this you should enter Setup and remove and re-apply "Start when windows startup".
  • Minor visual improvements.
08-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.01 is released.

  • Minor fixes, mostly performance based and visual.
  • Added a tray icon menu (when minimize to system-tray is enabled).
  • Added more options when right clicking a contact.
  • Font size sanity check. CM will check if selected font and size fits.
02-apr-05 Chaos Manager v2.0 is released.

  • Rebuild from scratch.
  • New much more upgradeable and flexible data storage system.
  • No length limit on various text fields (appointment text, phonebook comments etc).
  • New and stronger encryption.
  • New layout, while still trying to keep that old "simple" look and feel.
  • Resizable. Resize Chaos Manager to any size, minimize and maximize.
  • More options for customizing Chaos Manager.
  • New Calendar.
  • When clicking a calendar date it is now possible to add/edit/delete appointments.
  • Birthdays are now displayed in the calendar.
  • Recurring appointments option (For example an appointment recurring every week).
  • Renamed Phonebook to Contacts.
  • Each contact entry can belong to a group, and contacts are sortable by group.
  • Each appointment have an optional icon to symbolize appointment type.
  • Lots of viewing options for appointment list and contact list (phonebook).
  • Export/print option for appointments and contacts (advanced options).
  • More secure password system.
  • Improved popup system.
  • Many advanced options for appointment list and contact list
  • New skin system which is highly customizable and support alhpablending etc.
  • Ships with 22 different skins.
  • Now more visual customizable (background picture, font etc).
  • 3rd party skin editor will be available.
  • Added new fields and options to contacts entries and appointments.
  • Optional email forwarding of appointments. Instead of appointments will pop-up they will be sent to an email address (for example if your mobile phone support emails).
  • You can now right-click each appointment and contact for a shortcut pop-up menu.
  • In appointment/contact list you can as a shortcut press the delete key to delete, enter key to modify and insert key to add.
  • Included import program (importoldcm.exe) to import all data from CM v1.73-v1.80 to v2.0.
  • Birthday alert behavior changed. If Chaos Manager wasn't open on birthday display date it will still alert of birthday even though it's overdue when Chaos Manager is opened.
  • Appointments which are overdue/marked as read/set to ignore date and time, will now be displayed in dark red color.
  • Added an option to have Chaos Manager auto check for new version of Chaos Manager.
  • You can import contacts from a .csv file (semi-colon separated text file). As an example Outlook Express can export this format.
  • New program icon.
20-mar-05 Chaos Manager v2.0 will be released within the next two weeks.
22-feb-05 Chaos Manager v2.0 currently in development.

Chaos Manager is now about 8 years old, and I have decided to give it a huge makeover. Version 2.0 will sport new features, layout changes while also being sizable and retaining the "simple" look and feel. Also there will be no length limitation on various text fields. The majority of the features and improvements will be the most frequently suggested ones I received from CM users.

Version 2.0 will be able to import data from v1.75 and up to v1.80.

The Chaos Manager website will have a makeover as well (new layout, adding a forum etc).
07-mar-04 Chaos Manager v1.80 is released.

  • Modified the buttons to be less dull looking.
  • Changed the confirm dialog to not have "yes" as default button.
  • Changed the display duration (longer now) of the hint displaying date and week number in the calendar on mouseover.
  • Minor layout adjustments.
03-mar-04 Chaos Manager v1.78 is released.

  • Fixed a bug that would have the application crash on a leap year (Feb-29), I blame the calendar component I was using! :-)
  • Fixed the exit button didn't work in some versions of 1.77.
  • Fixed that Chaos Manager will now close more gracefully when password dialog is displayed and doing a WinXP shutdown/restart/log off.
  • Changed the default focused button (delete) to nothing, in the appointment popup window.
  • Changed the default focused button (exit) to nothing, in the main menu.
  • Minor fixes to context text, help etc.
  • Included a new skin (bluechrome).
  • Hint: Clicking the area just below the Calendar button will now open the windows calculator (silly secret feature(tm)).
21-nov-03 Chaos Manager v1.77 is released.

  • Fixed a visual bug in the calendar when deleting appointments.
  • Fixed an annoyance that could occur in WinXP where a message saying "windows not in focus" could popup when an appointment would popup.
12-nov-02 Chaos Manager v1.76 is released.

  • Fixed a bug in the new option added in v1.75. The bug could occur with certain international settings (excluding mine doh). Thanks for the feedback.
03-nov-02 Chaos Manager v1.75 is released.

  • Added an option to also have the appointment list show name of day for each appointment (for example "sun 03-nov-02"). The option can be found by pressing the setup button in CM.
05-oct-02 Chaos Manager v1.74 is released.

  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt the phonebook when disabling encryption.
08-sep-02 Chaos Manager v1.73 is released.

  • The notepad now supports multiple topics to allow it to be more organized.
  • Chaos Manager doesn't have to be in "standby" mode anymore for appointments to pop-up.
  • Added a setup option to only allow appointments to pop-up while in "standby".
  • Added a nice installer to Chaos Manager.
  • When you enter the right password (if you use a password) you will be told if there has been incorrect password attempts made.
  • When changing the password a confirm password dialog will now appear.
  • Added two sound setup options. "Disable sound" and "Don't use random sound, only use default sound".
  • Added setup option to add/remove Chaos Manager to/from Windows startup.
  • Added a search option to the phonebook.
  • Added two new fields to phonebook entries. "Homepage" and "Birthday".
  • Added a setup option to make an alert on birthdays.
  • Added setup option to startup in calendar.
  • Added support for am/pm time format (see setup options).
  • Removed the annoying beep when entering password and pressing enter instead of clicking the OK button.
  • Week number will be shown when pointing mouse at a date in the calendar.
  • Rewrote and cleaned up some of the old messy code.
  • Small fixes and adjustments.
  • Updated the documentation and added some hints and a FAQ.
08-sep-02 It's been a while and I have found a new place to host CM. The previous host suddenly stopped hosting CM without any notice :-/
11-mar-01 Chaos Manager v1.72 is released.

  • Fixed a nasty bug that under certain circumstances could clear the notepad.
20-feb-01 Chaos Manager v1.71 is released.

  • Added some more visual options to enable/disable windows standard 3d control look and also the option to display/hide help text.
  • You can now click on the calendar or click and drag to mark more then one day and get a list of the appoinments for the selected period.
12-feb-01 Chaos Manager v1.7 is released.

  • New skin system. Six skins included.
  • New and better calendar. Will display which days have appointments etc.
  • Having no soundcard installed will not result in an error when an appointment pops-up, instead a pc-speaker beep will sound.
  • Added log file that displays password failures and the date&time they occured (cm.log).
06-feb-01 Chaos Manager v1.6 is released.

  • To change/delete an appointment you now have to double-left-click it instead of left-clicking it.
  • No more multiple instances, meaning that only one instance of Chaos Manager can be running.
27-oct-00 Chaos Manager v1.5 is released.

  • Fixed a problem with the "add a week or a day" option. Didn't work with certain date formats.
  • Fixed a security issue and made encryption better. If you update to v1.5 a patch should be applied automaticly. As a don't have a huge staff of beta testers I recommand you backup your old Chaos Manager directory before upgrading.
  • Chaos Manager is now skinable (limited). read the included readme.txt for more info on the subject.
23-may-99 Chaos Manager v1.4 is released.

  • Double clicking a phone entry will now bring the entry into edit mode.
  • Fixed various things that annoyed me.
  • You can now press Email in phonebook entries, this will open your default email program with the email address of the phonebook entry.
  • Changed the layout a bit.
01-jun-98 Chaos Manager v1.3 is released.

  • Deleted appointments are also saved instantly now, so they won't appear again if windows crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that made the windows bounce around when browsing around the program.
  • Added a cancel button to the password dialog.
  • Chaos Manager now makes backup of all data files every monday.
  • The "Clear notepad" button is now smaller and moved further away from "Return to menu" button.
27-jan-98 Chaos Manager v1.2 is released.

  • Appointments/notepad/phonebook are saved instantly now, so nothing will be lost if windows should crash while program is in standby mode.
12-jan-98 Chaos Manager v1.1 is released.

  • Now the appoinments should be sorted right.
  • Chaos Manager now auto generates it's data files if none is found.
15-dec-97 Chaos Manager v1.0 is released.

  • Added a new option "Neat graphics" it will make Chaos Manager look more neat :-)
  • Fixed a bug that appeared if there was no phone entries and you tried to enable/disable encryption.
03-dec-97 Chaos Manager v0.9 is released. It features a better sort routine that also sorts by time if dates are the same.
19-nov-97 Chaos Manager v0.8 is online.
19-nov-97 Chaos Manager lives! :-)