Import contacts (address book) from Outlook to Chaos Manager.

It is recommended to use Chaos Manager version 2.24 or higher as it is more compatible to different Outlook versions and national settings.

First you have to export the contacts from Outlook. So start up Outlook.

In the following screen (below) you will be able to select which fields should be exported and in which order they should be exported.
This is done by drag and drop from left (marked in green) to right (marked in red).

To start with you can press the "Clear Map" button (this will clear the right window) and then drag and drop the fields in the same order as in the picture below.
It is important that you only select the fields as displayed in the picture below and also in the same order as the picture below (where "Name" is first and "Company" is last).

After you have selected the fields and in the right order, press the "OK" button to finish.

Now startup Chaos Manager.

In Chaos Manager under "Contacts" and "Advanced" button, open "Import/export (advanced)" and select "Import contacts .csv (simple)".

Now select the file you exported from Outlook Express.