What's new?

11/12/00 A.S.S. v1.7 is out:

- Fixed some of the features in A.S.S. they looked messy with WinNT/WIN2K
- The "View match form" feature now has the option to display only home or away matches.
11/07/00 Added Greek National League to A.S.S.
08/31/00 Changed site layout a bit. Also I know the updates lately have been kind of random. I will from now on try to update tuesday or wednesday every week.
02/16/00 A.S.S. v1.6 is out:

- Added new feature called "View result percentages" this function shows how the matches played ended in percentages. If previous season(s) exists they can also be viewed. This function is mainly useful for those who like to bet on matches ending a certain result.
- Fixed a couple of minor bugs
- The "Download results" will not function after 60 days if not registered. (This is mainly because 98% of users of this program, takes it for granted).
05/22/99 I've fixed a bug in "Reset league", but haven't changed the version number for this fix, if you don't edit your own leagues there's no reason to download it.
05/20/99 My old server has been terminated (which is beyond my control) this means that the "Download results" feature in versions before v1.5 will not work anymore. Also if you have a link to my site you should updated it to my new address.
Updates will also be more frequent now as the new version makes it less painful for me to update the leagues :)
05/16/99 A.S.S. v1.5 is out, so what is new?:

- Added a helpfile with A.S.S. so now you can press F1 anywhere in the program for help.
- In "Betting logger" you can now see a graphical curve of a betting profile, by pressing the "Curve" button in the "Betting logger" menu.
- Some more statistics added to "Betting logger" feature.
- In "Edit/change/delete stuff" feature I added an previous season editor. With this editor you can add a season to previous seasons, by doing this A.S.S. will also show previous season results when you use "Set up a match" feature. (last four English seasons included as an example).
- A new feature in "Update results" when you use "Import results from text or textfile". Here you can use team aliases. When A.S.S. can't recognize a team it will prompt you to choose the team, A.S.S. can now remember the team you pick so A.S.S. will recognize it the next time.
- You can now also switch league with the "Global league information" feature by clicking one of the shown leagues.
- The "Download results" feature now checks if the datafile has been updated since last time you downloaded it. If the datafile hasn't changed it will not be download and you will be notified.
- Added some more advise to gamblers in the helpfile.
- Fixed a bug in the betting logger, when adding new entries some would get the message "blabla is not a valid float.."
- You can now delete any match, not just the latest ones.
- A.S.S. is now shareware see "Register" in main menu for more info.
04/20/99 I switched server, this is because it has been annonced that my old server will shutdown soon. A new version of A.S.S. should be out within 10 days.
08/13/98 A.S.S. v1.4 is out, so what is new?:

- New fast navigationbar.. try move the mouse to the top of the program and you'll see. (the navigationbar is not available on all screens, those with editing functions dosn't have it.)

- New "Download results" feature, this will download and import the datafile I'm providing at my page. So instead of downloading my datafile and unziping and copy/importing it, you can just use this feature and it will do all this.

- Added a "Setup" feature. Here you can customize the colors (have had some people saying some of the colors are too dark). In setup you can also setup http proxy server so people that has to go through such one can also use the new "Download results" feature.

- Added the file "whatsnew.txt" to A.S.S. for a quick overview of new features.

- This will probably be the last freeware version of A.S.S. the next version will be shareware and probably cost about $15. (which won't even get you a new music cd here in Denmark) The shareware version will probably not be a crippled version, but will contain a shareware reminder.
08/13/98 My internet provider is changing their entire network the following month, so you might experience some problems connecting to my pages. If it gets too annoying I'll make a temporary site at my company's server.
06/01/98 Fixed the annoying "jumping windows when browsing around the program" bug, didn't bother to make this a new version.
I have some major features comming up in the next version. I will put up a list of them soon.
05/11/98 Added the Norwegian Tippeliga
I'm gonna add some news of what to expect in the future version of A.S.S.
03/03/98 My old email address has died... If you have emailed me recently (like the last 15 days) I've probably not receive it.. anyway here is my new email address dko1437@vip.cybercity.dk
02/04/98 Released A.S.S. V1.31, this is because a lot of people were having problems with a dll COMCTL32.DLL. This was because I used a new date routine which apparently depended on a new version of that dll (damn microsoft). Well I've changed the date routine to a old convensional one now (*sigh*).

- A.S.S. now goes fullscreen when in 640*480
- Had to change the structure of betting profiles.. old ones will be converted.
02/01/98 As I don't have any betatesters I'll appreciate any input on the new install program and betting logger feature.
02/01/98 A.S.S. V1.3 is out, so what is new?:

- Updated the "Global league information" feature, it now displays the percents of homewins draws and awaywins for each league.
- A.S.S. now have a small install program, you can still copy the files manually if you want to :)
- Added a new feature called "Betting Logger", it can keep track of multiple betting accounts you might have, or just log your bets to get a overview of how your betting is going. Bookmaker wannabies can also use it to keep track of their customers :)
12/29/97 A.S.S. V1.2 is out, so what is new?:

- Added a new feature "View average h/a goals table"
- Fixed two horrible bugs that was activated if you pressed cancel at "Delete a league" or "Swap two leagues"
the bug would overwrite the current selected league with the bottom league.
- Added some more help text to "Set up match(es)" and "Set up a match (detailed arguments)"
- Updated the "Import results from text" feature, it is now more tolerant towards errors.
- Updated "Help" I have put in some more gambling advise.
- Some cosmetic changes.
12/17/97 - Added a message board for tips, betting suggestions, comments etc.
- Removed the old betting suggestion forms.
- Updated the links page.
12/15/97 Added the Portuguese 1st division and the Turkish 1st division to the datafiles. The Norwegian 1st division will also be added when it starts again. These will be updated once a week, while most of the other leagues are updated on a daily basis.
At the moment I have one new feature for A.S.S. V1.2 which will probably be released soon.
10/22/97 A.S.S. V1.1 is out, so what is new?:

- Different league sort methods added (Like the Italian, Belgian, English 1st Div. etc).
- League sort method can be set in the "change/edit/delete stuff" option, and when creating a new league.
- Import datafile (lets you import/update leagues from another datafile).
- Bugfixed "League position curve", it didn't show the last match.
- Fixed a little bug in "Update results" if the first score had two digits they swapped places.
- Edit league name now works again.
- Added some info on how to send me money donations :-)
- Optimized some old horrible code.
- Updated ass.doc.
10/08/97 At the moment I'm working on diffenent league sorting methods, like the italien, english 1st division etc.
10/06/97 Made a banner for A.S.S. please feel free to put it on your site.
Alternative Soccer System
Get ass.gif (save image above) place it in your websites directory and add this html code:

<A HREF="http://users.cybercity.dk/~dko1437/altsoc/index.html"><IMG SRC="ass.gif" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=60 BORDER=0 ALT="Alternative Soccer System"></A>
10/02/97 A.S.S. v1.0 is out, so what is new?:

- Import results from text.
- Print ability.
- New 3d chart which can be saved as bmp.
- A new curve for team goals.
- Ability to change old results.
- Fixed a nasty bug in "delete result" feature. (this was the reason for wierd errors in home/away stats).
- Now both "," and "." can be used in odds system calculator.
- "Reset league" feature (set all teams to 0 played games).
- Fixed my datafile (there was some errors caused by the bug mentioned above).
10/02/97 A.S.S. v1.0 is now a pure 32bit program which means it will work under win95 and winNT, and not work with Win3.1x. Win 3.1x user can still use A.S.S. v0.9.

09/25/97 So what am I up to at the moment? Well I have made an "import results from text" option (textfile or cut&paste). I've added the ability to print most stuff. I'm currently working on an improved graphic curve and will make other curves then the current "League Position Curve". All these features will be in A.S.S. v1.0 which will be out soon I hope. Thanks for all your ideas, suggestions, corrections etc. those emails really keeps me going on this project.
08/18/97 Added the Swedish Allsvenskan league to A.S.S.
08/18/97 Added the Belgian 1st Division to A.S.S.
08/13/97 There might be a couple of bugs in v0.9 if you find any please email me. I'm working on some new features and improving a couple of routines for A.S.S. v1.0
08/13/97 As the voting sheets was submitted via a cgi program, votes since 02-may-97 have been lost, feel free to vote again.
08/13/97 Some new "fancy" graphics have been added to A.S.S.
08/13/97 New features: You can now save to a textfile or cut and paste various of A.S.S. output. (printer option is in the works).
08/13/97 Atlast I pulled myself together to change the datastructure of A.S.S. so now A.S.S. supports unlimited number of leagues. The downside to this is that it can't load the old datafiles, and the dos version have been trashed.
08/13/97 So you thought A.S.S. was dead? No here's the story, my internet provider went broke and another firm took over all it's customers. So all homepage emails etc had to be transfered, so I couldn't get ftp access to my pages from 2-may-97 to 13-aug-97.

02/19/97 The good news is that the next version of A.S.S. will have unlimited number of leagues. The bad news is that the old data files are not supported, so if your managing your own league it can't load the data.. I might make a converter if much demand. Also the Dos version of A.S.S. (which I have shelved) won't be able to load the new datafiles.
02/19/97 Some people have to reload the pages to view the newest update date.
12/04/96 So when is the five new leagues gonna be added? Well I'm pretty busy at the moment and still getting votes everyday.. guess it will be around Feb 97.
12/04/96 A.S.S. v0.8 is online, new features : Global league information, view two teams at once in league position curve, small bug fixes and corrections.
09/20/96 I have also made two new features which will be included in the next version of A.S.S.
09/20/96 I have decided that the future version of A.S.S. will contain 5 new leagues, this makes a total of 15 leagues. I'll make this when I have enough votes, so I can determine which leagues should be added.
08/21/96 Windows A.S.S. v0.7 is online.
08/17/96 Windows version of A.S.S. will be here 20th August.
08/17/96 Updated the graphics a bit, will add a "low-graphic" version of the pages soon.
05/07/96 The windows version of A.S.S. is about 50% finished. It will probably be finished in a month or so. Some new features will also be added in the windows version.
04/08/96 Started to code the windows version of A.S.S. , email me if you want to betatest it.
04/04/96 Sorry about the late update, but I have not had access to my homepage files, because my internet provider was updating their FTP service.
03/13/96 Added the Scottish Premier League, and fixed some small bugs.
03/11/96 Added another factor to the "setup match(es)" and "setup match (detailed)", now it checks if the teams have played against each other before in the season, and if they have it also uses the result to messure the outcome of the match.
03/09/96 Rewritten the print routine and "save as text" routine, they should work fine now.
03/08/96 When viewing a team it was only possible to view the last 36 results, now you will be asked if you want to view them all (if they have played over 36 matches).
03/05/96 A.S.S. www pages opens.
02/29/96 When the "choose a league" menu is displayed you can press "I" to view when the leagues where last updated.
02/28/96 Added the Dutch National Division to the data files.

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