What is A.S.S.?

Available for PC (Win95/98/NT)

This is a program for soccer fans/gamblers who needs to be up-to-date with
statistics, results and so on. Do you bet on soccer? Examine each team
in detail, compare teams, view league-form-tables and more, easy to use
and in comfort of your computer.

A.S.S. has following features.

- League table.
- Many statistics for each team.
- Compare two teams in detail.
- A "semi-intelligent" system which shows which team will statisticly win.
- Team match form.
- League h/a form for x-matches.
- Week results.
- Average team goals.
- Team position curve through out the season.
- Team goals curve.
- Odds system calculator.
- Import results from text.
- Advise to gamblers.
- Unlimited number of leagues.
- Save as text or cut and paste.
- printing.
- A betting logger that can keep track of multiple betting accounts.
- Fast navigation bar. (move mouse to top of program and it pops down)
- Leagues can be updated/imported from the internet by the push of a
- Setup where you can customize colors and enable a proxy server if
+ More features.

What about these Web pages?

If you are too lazy to update the soccer leagues yourself then
you can use the automatic internet update feature A.S.S. has, or
you can download the latest updated data file and import it.

Alternative Soccer System contains the following leagues:

- Danish Superliga and 1st Division. (Yes I'm Danish)
- English Premier League and 1st Division.
- German Bundesliga.
- Italien A Serie.
- Spanish 1st Division.
- French 1st Division.
- Ducth National Division
- Scottish Premier League
- Belgian 1st Division
- Swedish Allsvenskan
- Norwegian 1st Division
- Portuguese 1st Division
- Turkish 1st Division
- Greek National League
More leagues to come...

Here you can also get the latest version of A.S.S. as it is freqently

You are the one who decide how the program should be improved and changed
so feel free to leave an email to me (mbresson@post4.tele.dk) and tell
me what you think could improve the program.

A.S.S. and A.S.S. datafiles are stored as zip achives (a zip archive is a
bunch of files compressed into one file which makes it more transportable)
if you don't know or don't have a "unzip" program grab one HERE

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